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Anne & Valentin - Spectacle Frames

Their story started with the budding dreams of two opticians in Toulouse, a town in the south-west of France. Anne and Valentin, partners in life and creativity, were driven to create their eyewear brand Anne and Valentin Optical by the dearth of graphic and expressive glasses on the market. Since the brand’s birth thirty years ago, Anne et Valentin glasses are now exhibited by over 1,500 retailers worldwide. Macleay Optics, well-known for the range of Anne et Valentin Glasses. They offer their customers the chance to experience the couple’s creative flair for themselves.

As opticians and artists, the duo exercise creative ownership over every aspect of their company. From prototyping their frames to the sale, distribution and interior design of their stores, the couple bring their signature flair and energy to everything they do.


Before making their way to our store, every pair of Anne et Valentin glasses start their journey in the French Jura mountains. This has been the birthplace of the brand since their foundation, with only the company’s titanium frames manufactured in Japan. Japanese titanium is preferred for its world-class lightness and strength, lending a robust fluidity to the frames’ designs.

Lovers of colour, Anne and Valentin glasses produce a kaleidoscope of choice, each a collage of metal and acetate. Their quirky designs are organised into aptly named collections, the likes of which include ‘Polychrom’, ‘Metropolitan’, and ‘Haiku.’ Designed to embellish and complement the slopes of your face, their architecture is dramatic, memorable, and modern.

Anne and Valentin sunglasses can be sophisticated without feeling boring. This brand shows us how. By redefining lines and volumes and reenvisaging glasses as wearable artforms, their frames are designed to tell a story, and one uniquely shaped by their wearer. Curious, surprising, and striking, Anne et Valentin optical leave an imprint on the wearer and are designed to traverse boundaries of age, background, and culture. Their inspiration is drawn from the world around us – in art, cinema, architecture, and fashion – and designed to bring a touch of these luxuries to our everyday.

Being a child, especially a child with spectacles, can be a lonely occupation. Eager to ensure no face goes unnoticed, this brand have designed several kids’ collections so your child’s glasses can be the envy of the playground. With two-tone acetate and hexagonal shapes, these kids’ glasses will not only help your child excel at maths but help them feel confidant doing it. Ensure that next time your child heads to school, their ‘Superkids’ specs will always be by their side.

  1. EDWARDS - A160
  1. ERMAN - 8C05
  1. DYLAN - 1738
    Sold Out
  1. DRYDEN - 9C09
  1. DEAN - 9A03
  1. COMETE - 20C31
  1. CAPELLA - 8C38
  1. CHERRY - 1548
  1. ATIKA - 1516
    Sold Out
  1. ALLEGRIA - 1727