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ROLF Spectacles

ROLF Spectacles craft beautiful sustainable eyewear in the heart of Tirol in the Austrian Alps.

They manufacture glasses from wood, buffalo horn, and more recently, 3D printed titanium employing an AirBus printer to this end.

At Macleay Optics Potts Point Optometrist, we were the first in Australia to offer their beautiful glasses to our patients back in 2012.

At that time, ROLF Spectacles were quickly making their mark in the optical world. Since then, they have picked up over thirty international design awards. 

ROLF Spectacles innovation as a company cannot be overstated, making spectacle frames entirely out of wood, without a piece of metal in sight is a marvel. 

The Macleay Optics team were fortunate enough to personally tour the ROLF Spectacles factory when they visited Austria in 2019. ROLF Spectacles passion, creativity, ecological spirit and strong sense of ethics is contagious and self evident in their work. 

  1. ROLF Spectacles - ANGLIA 98 - FLEXLOCK Hinge
  1. ROLF Spectacles - BRISTOL 93 - FLEXLOCK Hinge
    Sold Out
  1. ROLF Spectacles - CAPRI 96 - FLEXLOCK Hinge
  1. ROLF Spectacles - CONTINENTAL 05
  1. ROLF Spectacles - FOURSOME 101
  1. ROLF Spectacles - FOURSOME 97 - FLEXLOCK Hinge
  1. ROLF Spectacles - IMPALA 03
  1. ROLF Spectacles - ISABELLA 08
  1. ROLF Spectacles - LARK 130 - FLEXLOCK Hinge
  1. ROLF Spectacles - LAUNDAULET 96 - FLEXLOCK Hinge
  1. ROLF Spectacles - OLYMPIA 04
  1. ROLF Spectacles - TOPOLINO 132 - FLEXLOCK Hinge
  1. ROLF Spectacles - VEDETTE 92