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The Macleay Guarantee

  1. A Lifetime of Maintenance and Service
    Any spectacle or sunglass purchase includes a promise of lifetime service. We will adjust, ultrasonically clean, replace the screws, and perform minor repairs for the life of your glasses.
  2. 12 Month Prescription Lens Scratch Guarantee
    In partnership with Hoya Lens Australia, our Diamond Finished lenses include a 12 month unconditional scratch guarantee. Should any damage occur to your lenses during this period, we will replace them free of charge.
  3. 90 Day Prescription Lens Guarantee
    The workmanship and quality of our lenses are guaranteed for 90 days after the original invoice date.
  4. 3 Year Diamond Finish Guarantee
    Diamond Finish coated lenses carry an extended manufacturing defect warranty. We guarantee that the Diamond Finish lens coating will not craze for three years from the original invoice date. Lens crazing is a common phenomenon among ‘budget’ orientated lenses. It manifests as a web of micro cracks across the surface coating of a lens which causes ‘cloudy’ optics.
  5. 30 Day Exchange
    If you are unsatisfied with a spectacle frame or sunglass purchase, we’ll exchange them within 30 days.
*Terms & Conditions Apply