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Prescription Spectacle Lenses

Prescription lenses, should you require them, are undoubtedly the most important element of your new eyewear. 

Your prescription lenses need to match both your optical and lifestyle needs.

Technological advances have made modern lenses lighter, more comfortable, and less prone to scratching or breaking. But with so many lens options available, it can be difficult to know which type to choose.

On this page, we have curated a selection of single vision lenses. While the product descriptions may guide you in determining whether a lens may be appropriate, it is best to reach out to our team who can assist you in ensuring that your lens will be adapted specifically to your visual and lifestyle requirements. 

Being an independent optometrist, we are not committed to any one spectacle lens laboratories. This allows us to provide you with the highest quality lenses for your needs. Lens laboratories we work with include:

Hoya Lens





We’re committed to providing exceptional service and bespoke solutions. Our lens selection reflects the requirements of the individual and our advice is based on each client’s needs.

  1. Ultra High-Index Hoya Diamond Finish Spectacle Lenses (For High Prescriptions)
  1. Carl Zeiss - Special Grind 1.6 Index Lenses with DuraVision Platinum UV
  1. Hoya Diamond Finish Spectacle Lenses Hi-Index (For Moderate Prescriptions)
  1. Hoya Diamond Finish Blue Control Spectacle Lenses (Moderate Prescriptions)
  1. Anti-Reflective Spectacle Lenses with Blue Control (Low Prescriptions)
  1. Hoya Diamond Finish Spectacle Lenses 1.5 Index (Low to Moderate Prescriptions)