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Garrett Leight Sunglasses

Garrett Leight Sunglasses


The Brand Garrett

Leight California Optical (GLCO) is an American luxury eyewear brand launched in 2011 in Venice Beach California. The brand was founded by Garrett Leight, the son of Larry Leight who founded the iconic Los Angeles eyewear brand Oliver Peoples. Inspired by his father, Garrett has continued on a legacy of exquisitely designed eyewear, and top-quality craftsmanship. Because GLCO is the product of multi-generational expertise, you know you are receiving timeless classic pieces, made with high-end materials, and all designed in the Garrett Leight studio in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. We know that at our Potts Point Optometrist, having carried Garrett Leight glasses and sunglasses since around the time that the brand was founded that Garrett Leight has developed a substantial following in Australia. Some of our patients have chosen to buy Garrett Leight sunglasses off the shelf, others have had us craft a pair with custom tinted coloured lenses, and many have had us mount prescription sunglass lenses into their Garrett Leight frames.

Frequently coined the “cool-kid eyewear brand of the future”, it is no surprise that Garrett Leight Eyewear has attracted a global community of loyal customers, including a large and diverse celebrity clientele. From Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt to Black Thought and Seth Rogen, Garrett Leight optical products have developed a cult status and are a staple in many wardrobes. There is good reason Garrett Leight California Optical have developed such an impressive clientele and reputation – their eyewear is timeless, stylish, and pure quality.

Garrett Leight frames are created from cured cellulose acetate sourced from the very best acetate suppliers including Japan, and Mazzuchelli Italy, among others. Acetate is the perfect material making Garrett Leight frames lightweight, exceptionally resilient, and very well suited to those with sensitive skin. Garrett Leight lenses are made from mineral glass and scratch resistant CR-39 resin and are finished with a reflective coating among other treatments to ensure premium eye protection, and the best visual acuity possible. Importantly, all sunglass lenses come with UV protection so to ensure optimal eye health.


Garrett Leight Sydney Sunglasses

Here, at Macleay Optics – an independently owned Potts Point optometrist, we stock a wide variety of Garrett Leight optical products, including Garrett Leight sunglass products. We are a long-standing supporter of the brand because we believe in ethically made eyewear at a fair price, authentic, original, and classic designs, and the finest quality designer sunglasses.

Because the frames are contemporary yet timeless, Garrett Leight optical is the perfect pick for all ages and styles. You can find the perfect pair of Garrett Leight Sydney sunglasses at our optometrist store in Potts Point, located near Kings Cross, Rushcutters Bay, Elizabeth Bay, Darlinghurst, Paddington, Double Bay & Sydney CBD. We offer prescription Garrett Leight sunglasses, multifocal Garrett Leight sunglasses and polarised Garrett Leight sunglasses. Many patients are loyal followers of the brand wearing their Garrett Leight spectacles for many years. Because the frames are made durable, should prescriptions change, lenses are readily replaced with updated prescriptions in the existing frames. For a no fuss option, Garrett Leight online orders is the way to go. And yes – we offer Garrett Leight free delivery in Australia.


Our favourite Garrett Leight designs


Garrett Leight Kinney

The simple yet stylish Garrett Leight Kinney sunglasses are available in Sydney at our Potts Point Optometrist. Launched in 2010, the Kinney are a highly coveted wardrobe staple that goes with just about any look. These slightly rounded rectangular based lenses, the Kinney exudes effortless elegance and California cool. It comes in a range of colours and sizes suited to both man and women alike. You can even get funky with different coloured lenses to create your own customized unique pair of specs. The choices are endless! But not to worry – with over 20 years of experience, here at Macleay Optics we can help you pick out the perfect pair.


Garrett Leight Brooks

A design from the original Garrett Leight collection, the Garrett Leight Brooks sunglasses are available at our Potts Point optometrist in Sydney. With a comfortable keyhole bridge, the Brooks model fits perfectly to any face, creating a beautiful silhouette. There is a good reason Liam Hemsworth wore the Garrett Leight Brooks at the Avengers premiere. His pick was Matte Black, but the frame comes in 10 different colours. Other celebrities spotted in this frame include Hailey Baldwin and Emily Ratajkowski. This best-selling frame was the second frame every made designed by Garrett Leight demonstrating its timelessness. Swing by our store to pick up your Garrett Leight Brooks available in Sydney.


Garrett Leight Mayan

Inspired by 90s rock music legends, the Garrett Leight Mayan radiates coolness. Fittingly, this unisex statement piece has appeared on a number of hit TV shows and films, such as GLOW, The Bodyguard and Rock ‘N’ Roll High School. With frames in 4 difference colours, including the Mayan Cavier Tortoise, Garrett Leight Mayan Sunglasses are available in Sydney! These exquisite Garrett Leight Mayan sunglasses are available at our Potts Point Optometrist! Chunky and geometric in style, yet lightweight in build, the Mayan is the current “it” frame. This rectangular styled frame has not only been celebrated in the alternative rock scene but is also a signature piece in the hip hop and R&B community. It has been styled by a number of hip hop legends, including Biggie, Aaliyah, and Tyler the Creator.


Garrett Leight Ace

The Garrett Leight Ace sunglasses are bold, yet elegant, and come in 7 different colours including Honey Amber Tort, Matte brandy Tort, Pure Glass, and the always classic Black. The frames are an exceptionally comfortable fit and are adorned with a palm leaf plaque for extra authenticity. These Garrett Leight Act sunglasses are available in Sydney. These Garrett Leight Ace sunglasses are available at our Potts Point Optometrist! Customers speak of their superb quality and the compliments they have received wearing the frame. Garrett Leight Ace evokes a contemporary vibe yet is also reminiscent of vintage spectacle frames demonstrating its timelessness.


Garrett Leight Troubadour

The Garrett Leight Troubadour frame has the appearance of a vintage frame with a modern-size fit. Slightly oversized, these Troubadour sunglasses give off a timelessly cool aesthetic. Garrett Leight Troubadour sunglasses are available in Sydney! Garrett Leight Troubadour sunglasses are available at our Potts Point Optometrist! The frame comes in Sea Grey, Kodiak Tortoise, Coffee Tortoise and Black. Although the Troubadour is chunkier in appearance than some of Garrett Leight’s more classic frames, the Troubadour remains extremely lightweight and super comfortable on the face. Troubadour sunglasses are available in Sydney at our store on Macleay Street.


Garrett Leight Wilson

Another highly coveted and cult-frame is the Garrett Leight Wilson. Inspired by John Lennon, this round frame was a hit for musicians and hippies in the 1960s. Nowadays, it is an absolute classic. This bestselling frame were Garret Leight’s first metal optical frame. It comes with nose pads that are adjustable to fit any face. For an effortlessly cool and timeless look, check out the Garret Leight Wilson. Frames come in 6 colours – Demi Blond-Gold, Black-Gold, Butterscotch-Tort, Matte Black-Tort, Bourbon-Tortoise and Tortoise-Amber. Garret Leight Wilson sunglasses are available in Sydney! Garret Leight Wilson sunglasses are available at out Potts Point Optometrist!

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