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Anne & Valentin

M.9 - 8A08

M9 is a substantial, efficient, and understated rectangle. The intricacies and subtle curves in its design give it a timeless appeal. As a modern and finely crafted model, it embodies a sense of sophistication and reliability. M9 embodies the traits of those with an organized, methodical approach, and a knack for handling vast amounts of data. Their guiding principle? Keep calm and carry on.

The creators of M.9, Anne et Valentin, have been collaborating with factories in the Jura region for over 20 years to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. This frame, made in France, embodies their vision to offer distinctive and visually striking glasses to their customers, making it a true reflection of their passion.

Colour: Bordeaux

  • $755.00